THE ZUR is an upcycling leather jacket label designed in London and handcrafted by Argentinian artisans who specialize in leather treatments. 

The brand was founded by Manuela Rivadulla, a fashion stylist from Buenos Aires.

THE ZUR is a blend of "Zona Sur," which means South Zone (the southern part of the city of Buenos Aires) where Manuela grew up. 

Her passion for luxury, understood as a unique product, handcrafted, and associated with high standards of quality and sustainability, is what motivated her to create the brand.

Our process is called upcycling. We use old leather remnants, deadstock, vintage pieces, and leathers from other industries to give those materials a new life by crafting a truly unique product.

For the restoration of old pieces, we avoid using chemicals. We only use vegetable waxes to moisturize the leather as well as to make it shiny and smooth.

We firmly believe that upcycling is the best way to contribute to the environment in a sustainable manner.

Through design and the perfect combination of colours and different leathers, we create a unique product. 

Each collection has a limited number of items because we believe in responsible consumption habits.

We are dedicated to handcrafted unique pieces that will last forever.

We wholeheartedly support a Fashion Circular Economy.