The first collection was called ‘The Metamorphosis of Form’ as all the stages of the production went through a metamorphosis a change of state.

The raw material has been modified through upcycling, meaning the jackets are inspired by classic designs taken to an oversized design, lowering the shoulders, making the armhole larger and increasing the length.

Argentinian artisans have developed a new technique, challenging the usual production process into an attentive craft, sewing each piece, and meticulously transforming recycled leather into a unique garment.

At the same time, the combination of different colours, the variety of textures of the leathers and the cutouts in geometric shapes present in each and every garment is a response to the inspiration of artists like Picasso in his cubist period, the Argentinian artist Xul Solar regarding colours and shapes and finally, the hugeness of the pieces of Rothko influenced the size of the garments.